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Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
67mm Orange filter$43.90A-6702-GB
Hoya 43mm UV HMC NXT Filter$19.99A-NXT43UV
*Hoya 46mm Red 25A HMC$22.90A-4625A-GB
Hoya 46mm UV HMC NXT Filter$23.90A-NXT46UV
Hoya 46mm Yellow K2 HMC filter$23.90A-46K2-GB
Hoya 49mm Circular Polarizing filter. $26.90C-ALP49CRPLNew
*Hoya 49mm Orange HMC$23.90A-4902-GB
Hoya 49mm R72 Infrared Filter$50.99B-49RM72-GB
Hoya 49mm Red 25A HMC$23.90A-4925A-GB
*Hoya 49mm Softner A$30.00S-49SOFTA-GB
*Hoya 49mm Softner A$30.00
Hoya 49mm UV HMC NXT Filter$23.90A-NXT49UV
Hoya 49mm UV MC Alpha$18.90C-ALP49UV
Hoya 49mm Yellow K2 HMC$24.90A-49K2-GB
Hoya 52mm Circular Polarizer NXT Filter$45.90A-NXT52CRPL
*Hoya 52mm Green X1 HMC Filter$25.90A-52GRX1-GB
Hoya 52mm K2 Yellow Filter. $21.99A-52K2-GBNew
*Hoya 52mm ND8 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter$26.90A-52ND8X-GB
*Hoya 52mm Orange HMC Filter$25.90A-5202-GB
*Hoya 52mm Pro ND500$53.90XPD-52ND500
Hoya 52mm R72 Infrared filter$54.99B-52RM72-GB
Hoya 52mm Red 25A HMC$25.90A-5225A-GB
*Hoya 52mm UV HMC NXT Filter$23.90A-NXT52UV
*Hoya 52mm UV MC Alpha $18.90C-ALP52UV
Hoya 55mm Circular Polarizer NXT Filter$45.90A-NXT55CRPL
Hoya 55mm K2 Yellow$23.99A-55K2-GB
Hoya 55mm ND8x HMC Neutral Density Filter$33.99A-55ND8X-GB
*Hoya 55mm Orange HMC$27.90A-5502-GB
Hoya 55mm Red 25A HMC filter$27.90A-5525A-GB
Hoya 55mm UV HMC NXT Filter$23.90A-NXT55UV
Hoya 55mm UV MC Alpha $18.90C-ALP55UV
Hoya 58mm Circular Polarizer NXT Filter$49.90A-NXT58CRPL
Hoya 58mm HMC ND8 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter$31.90A-58ND8X-GB
*Hoya 58mm Orange HMC Filter$29.90A-5802-GB
Hoya 58mm R72 Infrared Filter. $68.99B-58RM72-GBNew
*Hoya 58mm Red 25A HMC filter$29.90A-5825A-GB
Hoya 58mm UV HMC NXT Filter$26.90A-NXT58UV
*Hoya 58mm UV MC Alpha$21.90C-ALP58UV
*Hoya 58mm Yellow K2 HMC Filter$29.90A-58K2-GB
Hoya 62mm Circular Polarizer NXT Filter$61.90A-NXT62CRPL
*Hoya 62mm G Orange HMC Filter.$29.99A-6202-GBNew
Hoya 62mm K2 Yellow Filter.$29.99A-62K2-GBNew
Hoya 62mm Pro ND8$85.90XPD-62ND8
Hoya 62mm Red 25A HMC$36.90A-6225A-GB
Hoya 62mm UV HMC NXT Filter$37.90A-NXT62UV
Hoya 62mm UV MC Alpha$29.90C-ALP62UV
Hoya 67mm Circular Polarizer NXT Filter$68.90A-NXT67CRPL
*Hoya 67mm HMC ND8 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter$46.90A-67ND8X-GB
*Hoya 67mm K2 Yellow HMC Filter.$36.99A-67K2-GBNew
*Hoya 67mm ND4 Pro1 DMC LPF filter$88.90XD-67ND4
*Hoya 67mm Pro ND8$93.90XPD-67ND8
Hoya 67mm R72 Infrared Filter$84.99B-67RM72-GB
Hoya 67mm Red 25A HMC filter$43.90024066000828
Hoya 67mm UV HMC NXT Filter$37.90A-NXT67UV
Hoya 67mm UV MC Alpha$29.90C-ALP67UV
Hoya 72mm Circular Polarizer NXT Filter$78.90A-NXT72CRPL
Hoya 72mm K2 Yellow HMC$43.99A-72K2-GB
Hoya 72mm Neutral Density HMC Filter$45.99A-72ND8X-GBNew
Hoya 72mm Orange G HMC Filter$49.90A-7202-GB
Hoya 72mm R72 Infrared Filter$89.99B-72RM72-GB
Hoya 72mm Red 25A HMC$59.95A-7225A-GB
Hoya 72mm UV HMC NXT Filter$44.90A-NXT72UV
Hoya 72mm UV MC Alpha$35.90C-ALP72UV
Hoya 77mm Circular Polarizer NXT$72.00A-NXT77CRPL
Hoya 77mm HMC ND8 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter$60.90A-77ND8X-GB
*Hoya 77mm HMC Orange Filter$56.90A-7702-GB
*Hoya 77mm ND400 HMC filter$105.90A-77ND400
*Hoya 77mm Polarizer Linear filter$53.90B-77PL-GB
Hoya 77mm Pro ND500$120.90XPD-77ND500
Hoya 77mm Red 25A HMC filter$56.90A-7725A-GB
Hoya 77mm UV HMC NXT Filter$53.90A-NXT77UV
Hoya 77mm Yellow K2 Filter$56.90A-77K2-GBNew
Hoya 82mm HMC ND8 neutral density filter$74.90A-82ND8X-GB
Hoya 82mm Pro ND1000$151.90XPD-82ND1000
*Hoya 82mm Red 25A Filter$70.90B-8225A-GB
*Hoya ND8 HMC$19.80A-49ND8X-GB