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Camera Repair Services

Beware the mall clerk who tells you that your photographic traveling companion is out-of-date, obsolete, or unrepairable.

Be aware that a great many of the photographic products on the market are entirely serviceable, and that we have curated and enlisted an assemblage of qualified repair services most suited to such endeavors.

We are especially interested in the “pedestrian” cameras which used to be the backbone of the photographic industry.  Still the favorites of students, teachers, and artists, durable and dependable workhorses like the Pentax K1000 and the Nikon FM can and should be reconditioned and put back into active service.

Most manual-focus single-lens-reflex cameras of this type can be tuned and conditioned for a general overhaul rate of $140 (with some "pro" cameras coming in closer to $180).  This service includes lubrication, shutter speed adjustment, meter calibration, and fresh pads and seals.  The camera is then returned to you, ready to shoot, and warranted for one full year.

A common question is:  “Why would I want to put over a hundred dollars into a twenty (or thirty, or fifty) year old camera?”  The answer is simple – it's the most practical, efficient, and all-around best way to spend your hard earned equipment budget.  First, consider the practical lifespan:  properly serviced at regular intervals, these cameras will last indefinitely – no planned obsolescence here.  Second, compare the warranty of a refurbished “twenty year old camera” - One Full Year, and that's on both parts and labor.  Now, consult the warranty information of any modern camera, most at many times the price, and note that a 90-day, parts-only warranty is actually very common.

Also, as you've no doubt noticed, there is only one way to obtain a fully manual camera these days - and that's to buy it used.  Are you tired of wasting time trying to outsmart a camera that refuses to do what you tell it?  More to the point, do you yearn for a time when the equipment did what you told it to, and not the other way around?  Repairing your existing camera is the surest way to make a clean getaway from the well-intentioned bullying of automatic cameras.  And remember folks, there will never be a manual digital camera.  Ever. 

Sure, we'd like to sell you a quality used camera, but often times, we'd prefer to see you get your own trusty workhorse out there shooting once more.  Good examples of cameras we'd really like to see you shooting again, which may well be languishing in your closet are:  Pentax K1000, Pentax MX, Pentax LX, Pentax ME Super, Pentax Spotmatic, Minolta SRT series, Minolta XD11, Minolta X700, Nikon F2, Nikon F3, Nikon FM, Nikon FE, Nikon FM2, Nikon FM2n, Nikon Nikkormat, Olympus OM1, Olympus OM2, Canon AE1 and AE1 Program, Canon FTB, Canon F1.

Don't see your favorite camera here?  This list is hardly comprehensive - it's merely a sampling of some of our favorites.  Call or email with your exact camera model and we'll discuss the options.