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Outlab Services

Below, please find a list of some of the services offered through our outlabs.
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Outlab Digital Prints and Enlargements
4x6$0.40 each
5x7$1.75 each
8x10, 8x12$5.75 each
11x14, 11x17$12.00 each
12x18$18.00 each
16x20$40.00 each
16x24$50.00 each
20x24$60.00 each
Other sizes available - let us know of any special requests.



Film and Video Service
 Film Transfer to DVD  $0.15 per foot
 Video Transfer to DVD $25 for every 2 hours
(VHS, Mini DV, Hi-8, etc)
 Betamax Transfer to DVD $35 for every 2 hours
 DVD Copies  $6.00 each
 Slides to video DVD  $0.75 per slide
 Prints to video DVD  $1.00 per print