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As salespeople and lab technicians, what do we have to show for our daily toil? Well, we'd like to suppose that the impact of our work is greater than some numbers drawn up at the end of the quarter by CEOs and CPAs. And we hope that our efforts have more significance than a simple monetary sum tallied on our paychecks at the end of the month. What if we appraised our worth as a business outside of economic terms? On this page, you will find two photo galleries which try to meet that goal.

First, isn't the worth of a photographic business best measured by the creative success of its clientele?  The first gallery, our ever burgeoning Customer Show, provides a sampling of the wealth that passes through our hands each day.  Early in our operation, it became very apparent that we did not have ordinary customers and that they did not have ordinary work.  This realization compelled us to see it all, writ large, in the form of our Big Event - the annual customer show.  Throughout the year's production, we compile a few hundred of our favorite photographs, arranging them for display.  After all, the work we do each day is in part evidenced by the prints we make for our customers and their achievements as photographers. These images do more than simply prove we kept our hands occupied; they inspire us in our own photographic efforts. 

This brings us to gallery number two, our Staff Gallery. When it comes down to it, we are just a bunch of photographers who happen to make a living printing photographs and selling cameras. We love what we do and we take pride in this work. But when we are not in the shop working to help you make your photographs better, we are out taking pictures ourselves. This gallery is a sampling of those after hour endeavors.

These galleries support each other. The life blood of Blue Moon Camera and Machine is the passion shared by our staff, the passion to make images, challenge ourselves, and share knowledge.  We are here to help our customers become better photographers.  Our customers, enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated, constantly astound and motivate us, often inspiring us to achieve new levels in our own work.

We feel that the photographs we print speak louder than quarterly reports. After all, we're photographers, not economists. So please, as you have the time, take a moment to sit back and peruse the cycle of ambition between our staff and our customers.