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The CURE for modern machine angst resides within. Does our disposable culture leave you worried? Fed up with squandering your hard-earned equipment budget on devices rendered obsolete before they are even broken in? Searching for a companion machine with which you might actually have time to become intimately familiar?

Within our Portland, Oregon based facility you will discover a veritable treasure trove of functional, durable, fully warranted mechanical devices, from tried-and-true photographic apparatus to the west coast's largest selection of refurbished and eager mechanical typewriting machines.

Blue Moon Camera and Machine proudly submits a comprehensive list of our inventoried goods for your consideration. Please bear in mind that while an item may be in the store, it might not be in the computer — In the event that you cannot find something you suspect we have, or would otherwise like us to keep our eyes open for something special, please feel free to send us a request.

Please also bear in mind that for new items such as film, our site may not reflect the current quantities we have on hand.  Please inquire for our current stock levels.

Unlike other merchants, Blue Moon Camera does not rely on impulse purchases. It is very much our preference that our goods find their way to the arsenals of fully informed clients. Should you discover something within these pages that piques your interest, simply press the "inquire" button and fill out our convenient contact form. A member of the Blue Moon Camera staff will personally respond within one business day.


Although our advertised inventory is updated every business evening (around 6 p.m. PST, excepting Sundays and holidays), we find the trade of durable machines to be very brisk and can only guarantee the accuracy of the stock after a direct communication has been issued. For the swiftest service and the most accurate, up-to-the-minute status of our gear, kindly utilize the telephone.



The Large Print giveth and the Fine Print taketh away:

Blue Moon Camera and Machine, llc will not be held responsible for typographical errors. All prices and availability subject to change with no notice. Stock listings changed daily — actual stock on hand may well change by the minute. We are further not responsible for issues arriving from timing, spam filters, or any other manner of computer foible or error. For the most accurate information, please contact us by telephone (503.978.0333) during our regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PST, Saturdays 9am-5pm PST; many major holidays excepted).