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26 products found.

Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Acufine 32oz. Film Developer Concentrate$13.99AFD32
*Adotech CMS II 20 Film Developer$35.9912050100
*ADOX APH-09 500ml BW Film Developer$19.9512055
Adox Silvermax Film Developer 100ml$15.9958650
*Clayton Odorless Stop 64oz Concentrate Makes 10Gal ORM-D$49.99831812
Diafine Film Developer 1 Gallon$59.99DFD128
Diafine Two-Bath Film Developer$35.00DFD32
*Ethol Crone C Additive for Developers$43.99CRONE32
Galaxy Direct Positive Developing Kit$39.00820449003659
Heico Chemicals 1 gal. Perma Wash$79.99HG89
*LegacyPro Eco Pro B&W Film Developer Part A&B$9.75747716Eco friendly and low toxicity
*LegacyPro Eco Pro Clear Stop Bath 32oz$13.501231326Eco friendly and low toxicity
*LegacyPro Eco Pro Hypo Wash 32oz$16.501231128Eco friendly and low toxicity
*LegacyPro Eco Pro Neutral Fixer 32oz$15.001231289Eco friendly and low toxicity
*LPD 1 gal. Powder Paper Developer$11.50ETLPDP128
New55 R5 Monobath Film Developer 1 liter$24.95N55-00198
*Pec-12 Film Cleaner 2 oz.$12.502222
*R09 One Shot B&W Film Developer 120ml$11.999724
*Rockland 4x5 Bulk Tintype Kit $87.50BTK45
*Rockland FA-1 Fabric Sensitizer$24.99RLFS16
Rockland Halo-Chrome Silver Toner$29.99RLHC
*Rockland Liquid Light Emulsion - Half Pint$31.75RLLL8
Rockland Liquid Light Emulsion - One Pint$56.50RLLL16
*Rockland Printint Paper Toner$19.85RLPRT
*Rockland Pyrofoto 8oz $20.25PF8
*Seneca Chemkwik Tray Cleaner$12.99CHEMKWIK