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29 products found.

Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
*Eiko DLD/DFZ 30V 80W Projector Lamp$45.00DLD/DFZ
*Eiko DYY/EGH 120V 500W Projector Lamp$34.99DYY-EGH
*EJL Projector Bulb$22.99EJL
ELC Projector Bulb$22.99ELC
FHS Projector Bulb$15.99FHS
*FujiLamp CDS 120V 100W Projector Lamp$17.99FJCDS
*GE DEK/DFW/DHN 120V 500W Projector Lamp$38.45102801
*General Electic CRT 120V 300W Projector Lamp$25.00CRTGE
*General Electric DAT/DAK 120V 400W Projector Lamp$25.00DATGE
*General Electric DCH/DJA/DFP 120V 150W Projector Lamp$39.99DCH
*General Electric DFN/DFC 150V 120W Projector Lamp$45.99DFN/DFC
*General Electric ELB 30V 80W Projector Lamp$21.10ELB
*Osram CBA 120V 500W Projector Bulb$44.95CBA
*Osram DDM 19V 80W Enlarger Lamp$14.50DDM
*Osram EVC/FGX 24V 250W Projector Lamp$6.99EVC
*Osram EXR 82V 300W Projector Lamp$8.19EXR
*Philips DDM 19V 80W Projector Lamp$18.99DDM
*Sylvania CWA 125V 750W Projector Lamp$35.00CWALAMP
*Ushio CDD 120V 100W Projector Lamp$14.99CDD
*Ushio CLS/CLG 120V 300W Projector Lamp$18.99CLS
*Ushio CZX-DAB 120V 500W Projector Lamp$30.00130303
*Ushio DAY/DAK 120V 500W Projector Lamp$34.991000164
*Ushio DEK/DFW/DHN 120V 500W Projector Lamp$38.45DEK
*Ushio DFN/DFC 125V 150W Projector Lamp $29.99DFN
*Ushio DGB/DMD 30V 80W Projector Lamp $39.99DGB
*Ushio DJL 120V 150W Projector Lamp $35.00DJL
*Ushio ENX 82V 360W Projector Lamp$18.991000337
*Ushio EXR 82V 300W Projector Lamp$18.991000414
*Ushio EXY 82V 250W Projector Lamp$16.99EXY