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International Customers: Please include the Classic form with your order rather than going through the R.O.B.O.T. For shipping estimates, feel free to email us before sending us your film.



Optical Printing

It's true - we make pictures by shining light through a lens.  That's why it looks like that - that's why it looks like it's supposed to look.  Optics.  Light.  Your film.  Perfect prints, the way it was intended to be.

That which was once ubiquitous is now, we're afraid, almost unique.  Do you require personal attention from passionate experts?  Advice, counsel, and sympathetic ears are always available. Having trouble getting your prints to look as they used to?  Give our optical printing services a try — dependable, resourceful, and quite possibly the hardest working photographic lab in the country.

Archivability in a transient world. 

Wondering if your grandchildren will have any use for a .jpg?  Wondering just what they mean when they say "stable" and "electronic" in the same sentence?  EMP paranoia getting you down?  Shoot a piece of film and remember:  one hundred years from now, if the sun is still burning in the sky, you'll be able to hold up your image and see it.  Try that with a CD. 

Quality Processing for our National and International Clientele

We happily accept film from our worldwide clients every day.  Rest assured that your order passes through our services along with our own - we print yours in the same way that we print ours.  We stand behind our product, because we want the best for everyone - our staff and our customers.  

Our turn-around time for most orders is one week between when we receive the film and when it's ready to be returned.  This fluctuates a bit based on our seasonal workload, but we'll advise you if it will be much longer than a week.


Drop us a line.