John Wiggins

It is always a bit difficult to explain what I like about photography to others, as it is mostly an activity that I do for my own enjoyment. In its simplest form, I enjoy capturing the world around me. I can take a photo and know that it is a moment, one single piece of the world that I have captured and that is now my own.

I think that my appreciation for these unique moments is what led me to my love of instant photography. The way a moment calls out to you, and then the dance that follows. You grab your camera, pause, and release the shutter, and it is done. It is such a unique engagement with your world that then, in the instant film format, leaves a print in your hands.

Photography has always been a very personal experience for me. I frequently save my favorite images for myself. Each shot is a piece of my life, captured and enjoyed for reasons that could never properly be explained to others.

Selected Works


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