There is more to Blue Moon Camera & Machine than its retail face. Yes, selling film cameras and printing photos is how we keep the lights on, so to speak, but fueling all that is a deeply-held passion for the art, craft and science of film photography. We care as deeply about education as we do about salesmanship. We enjoy geeking out on film camera history and trivia. We love resonating with that shared passion for film photography that each customer brings to the shop. If our equipment inventory is one pillar of our business and our photo lab is another pillar, then the collected wisdom and passion our staff has accumulated is the third. This section of our website is your gateway to that.

In here you will find our International Camera Museum, which is part art exhibit, part Camerapedia and part Kelley's Blue Book for cameras.

There is our Codex, which is simply our fancy name for our blog. It houses essays we have written covering a range of topics. You will find all our Film Friday reviews - handy resources if you want to know more about an emulsion you are thinking of trying, technical essays, artist interviews and more.

If you want to put faces to the names of staff you have spoken with over the phone or via e-mail, or just want to see some of the personal work we have done, you can find that on our Meet The Staff page.

Our homage to the amazing work of our customer base is located in our Customer Show galleries. Every December we host a fabulous party and share customer work collected over the previous year. Those displays live on virtually in these galleries.

Our Manifesto is just that. It is a verbal description of the beating heart that drives this business.

And then our Press Links is a collection of the various articles and features that either the shop or its employees have enjoyed over the years.

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