Consignments: How it Works

How do consignments work?

Here is a quick rundown of what to expect and when. More questions? Check out our Consignment FAQ. You can also Start a New Consignment.

After you submit your consignment, we will review it within 5–7 business days and let you know if we have any questions.
Once your consignment has been approved, you are ready to ship it to us for final evaluation.
Pack your equipment up, making sure to provide plenty of cushioning with 2" of padding around all sides, and each item individually padded. Insure it to protect your investment! Please address it to "Blue Moon Camera, c/o consignments".
Drop it in the mail. Once we receive it, we will evaluate and test the item(s) and make any adjustments to the consignment that we deem necessary. We will get back to you with the final valuation via e-mail.
You can approve your consignment via e-mail response. Or, decline and we will ship your items back to you. Please note, we do not cover return shipping.
Once you approve the final valuation of your consignment your items will be entered into our inventory within 14 days and be available for sale in our store and on our website.
We cut checks during the first week of each month for prior month’s sales. Congrats!

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