Fuji FP-1

An interesting footnote in camera history, the Fuji FP-1 Professional was introduced in the late 1980s.  Apparently it was meant more as a studio proofing camera, able to be used to make a quick image in studio prior to heavy duty shooting on other film cameras. 

It has a built-in pack film back that uses either the Polaroid 600-series (665, 669, etc) film or the later Fuji FP series (FP-100C, 400B, 3000B).  Sadly, both of these lines of film have long been discontinued, rendering this camera both tricky and expensive to use.  

The FP-1 has a folding bellows design.  The camera collapses up into a plastic shell making it very portable for its size and quick to set up.  It is equipped with a Fujinon 105mm f/5.6 lens, giving it a great optic.  The lens must be set manually, though it can be fired from the body of the camera.  Likewise, focusing is done via a knob on the body and a rangefinder built into the viewfinder.  However, the camera does not have an on-board light meter.


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